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Terms and conditions

1. By sending this email you make a non-binding booking request, which may also include inquiries concerning the availability of flights and rental cars.
2. Your booking request will be answered as soon as possible. If the desired rental property still is available and you would like to book it, you will receive a written confirmation including a brokerage and rental contract.
Shortly before embarking upon your journey you will receive directions guiding you as quickly as possible from the airport to Pollença.
Then in Pollença you will be greeted in a central spot and accompanied to your accommodation.

1. The brokerage contract settles the contractual obligations between contacto-mallorca and the client and prospective tenant. contacto-mallorca procures the binding agreement of a rental contract for a rental property on Majorca chosen by the client and prospective tenant. contacto-mallorca concludes the rental contract acting as agent for the above-mentioned owner or landlord. The rental contract is attached to the brokerage contract and the two documents will be delivered together to the prospective tenant.
2. The lease price for the rental property stated in the Internet includes incidental expenses as well as the commission for contacto-mallorca. However commission and lease will have to be paid separately, namely the commission to contacto-mallorca immediately, and the lease rental charges not before arriving at the rental property on-site to the landlord or his/her agent.
3. The commission (already included in the lease price) for the brokerage service rendered by contacto-mallorca must be paid within a week after concluding the contract to contacto-mallorca.Upon receiving the commission according to contract, but seven days before starting the journey at the latest, the tenant will receive written directions – per email – by contacto-mallorca. The tenant agrees to inform contacto-mallorca about his exact times of arrival and departure at the time of his booking, but not later than seven days prior to the start of the journey. contacto-mallorca will then inform the tenant about the meeting point for a short briefing on the rental property and to hand over the keys.
4. Should the tenant change his date of travel after conclusion of the brokerage and rental contract rebooking will be charged with a flat rate of 50 € payable to contacto-mallorca. In the event of a cancellation of contract prior to the commencement of the rental period contacto-mallorca strives to find another tenant under the same terms of the contract for the agreed period. Provided that contacto-mallorca will find another tenant for the same period under the same terms of the contract, 10 % of the agreed rental fee will become due as a flat rate reimbursement of expenses regardless of the date of cancellation. If, however, contacto-mallorca will not be able to find such a tenant, the cancellation conditions of the rental contract will become applicable.
contacto-mallorca concludes the rental contract acting as agent for the owner or landlord respectively.

1. The landlord cedes the above-mentioned rental property to the tenant during the agreed rental period for habitation.

2. The tenant is entitled to use the whole rented property including furniture and commodities during the time agreed. The tenant shall take maximal care of the property including all utensils, fixtures, fittings and equipment on, in or about the premises. The tenant shall be liable for any losses or damages caused carelessly or intentionally to the rental property. The tenant shall also be held responsible for any negligence on part of his children, guests or other companions.
3. Payment of the lease price has to be made in cash directly to the owner or his/her agent upon arrival at the rental property.Heating costs will be charged separately at the end of the period according to consumption (depends on the rental property – check description of rental object).
Provided the rental property has air-conditioning available use of the A/C will be charged with an additional flat rate (depending on the rental property – check description of rental object).

4. The tenant can withdraw from this agreement anytime before the rental commences. The cancellation has to be made in writing to contacto-mallorca; registered mail or email will do in order to be effective. The cancellation will take effect the day contacto-mallorca receives the statement.In the event of cancelling the contract the tenant agrees to pay the following cancellation fees:

  • If the tenant cancels this agreement more than sixty-one days prior to the commencement of the rental, the tenant pays 25 % of the agreed rental fee.
  • If the tenant cancels this agreement less than sixty, but more than 31 days prior to the commencement of the rental, the tenant pays 35 % of the agreed rental fee.
  • For a cancellation of this agreement less than thirty, but more than 8 days prior to the commencement of the rental, the tenant pays 50 % of the agreed rental fee.

5. In the event of defaults occurring during the rental period the tenant is obliged to alert contacto-mallorca immediately to a default or possible damage at the property, including proper complaints of the tenant. Defaults during the rental period and tenant’s complaints shall be notified in writing to be effective.If the tenant doesn’t meet this obligation to disclosure or only does so insufficiently, the raising of claims due to defaults or complaints is excluded.
During tenancy contacto-mallorca is not liable for damages to property and persons suffered by the tenant during the rental; the same applies for the children, guests and companions of the tenant.

6. The provision of additional beds or cots requires written prior agreement.Likewise pets will only be allowed at the premises following written prior consent.
The rental property will be available at 1:00 p.m. at the arrival date; checkout time is 10:00 a.m.

7. The number of persons at the property may not exceed the maximum number of persons as stated in the contract. In case of a tenant-induced over-occupancy, which has not been previously cleared, contacto-mallorca is entitled to refuse the completion of this agreement unless the tenant provides alternative local accommodations for the extra guests at his own expense.